World of Wheels Auto Show Review

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If you didn't check out the World of Wheels Auto Show this year, don't worry - I made a review about it to show some of the best rides that were there this year and some of the main events they had hosted this year.

I am a huge fan of all car shows so I never miss this one. Each year they have something different and it's a great show to check out some newer vehicles and of course all the classics! It's a good mixture... they even throw in some motorcycles too.

This year the main showcase was the Fast and Furious vehicles they had on display. They had four: FF5&6 2008 Hemi Challenger, FF8 Subaru WRX, FF8 Dodge Ice Charger and FF4, 5&7 1970 Charger with Blower. Now those cars are the real deal and it was really nice to see some famous cars on display. You could tell they were the real thing as the paint jobs were scratched up pretty good and they just looked like they were driving around... that was awesome! Great to see some movie famous cars. They didn't however have one vehicle at the Calgary show which was The Fast Attack Off-road vehicle (FF7) I walked everywhere and seriously didn't see it and who could miss it. Soo... Boooo...

Each show, they have celebrity guests that appear once every show night. This year's honestly I could care less about. They should have more car people as guests or someone who's actually in this industry. I think that would draw more people in; especially car enthusiasts. I know I am always thinking they will have some person from my favourite car restoration show, or even some tattoo artist (thinking for the rockabilly crowd) but they just have random people. 

Speaking of people, I LOVE the pinup contest. The rockabilly aspect of the World of Wheels show is what I go there for. I am a fan of the rockabilly scene and the whole retro/50's look/lifestyle. It's great to see ladies dress in pinup and to buy some merchandise relating to this at the show. They always put on a nice show and it's a nice touch to a classic car show. Well done ladies!

Another show they put on each year is Battle of the Techs. Mechanic students battle in teams to see who builds an engine faster... it's pretty fun to see them try to put back together an engine the fastest. I'd hate to have all that pressure on me with a crowd watching! They are all talented and know their stuff that's for sure. All weekend this competition goes on with the last day of the car show being the final show and that's when the winner is announced. 

The show has lots of booths set up displaying auto parts and accessories ranging from parts to polishers etc... They even have people selling vintage clothing, signs and memorabilia relating to the 50's and classic vehicles. You can sure find something unique and cool. So bring cash on you and not just your credit card because these booths mostly take cash (my lesson learned the hard way...) Plus they have a few food/snack venues where you can get from ice-cream to hotdogs... lots to choose from... nothing fancy though!

This auto show has something for everyone and I am sure you will come out of this show with list of vehicles you would want! If you didn't make it this year, mark it down on your calendar for next year!

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