Dear Person whose Dog "Wants to say Hi"

Posted by Admin March 12, 2016 - Filed in Personal - #dog walking  #dogs  #training  #proper  #manners  #owners  #pets 
Before I explain, the point to my blog is that I see this happen far too often, every single day. A owner walking their dog with no problem, then another owner who does nothing to stop their dog from rudly going infront of the others person's dog without stopping their dog, or asking the owner simply if his/her dog can say "hi".
This, really bugs me. Even if my dog is "friendly" not each dog enjoys a random dog stepping infront of them. Lets say the dog isn't friendly...hmm...then whos to blame for what could happen!?

Surely, there is many owners who don't mind if you simply ask, can my dog say hi? Or you know what I mean...or they don't care if another dog stops them from a walk. Although, I am a bit different. I have worked with dogs in a professional business specializing in training, so I have trained my dog well, but this doesn't not mean I enjoy a dog who I don't know stepping in the way of mine. What happens if "my" or the "strangers" dog was lease reactive, or didn't get along with other dogs? Other owners should keep this in mind. Anything can trigger a reaction, and dogs are like us; if we somehow don't like someone...we don't want them in our "business". Another reason I don't like when another dog invades mine and my dogs area, is safety. When I am walking my dog, I am his leader. If he gets mixed signals, he will instead protect me especially if he gets spooked. 

If a person, tell you "my dog isn't friendly" don't simply say "oh its fine my is" NO. Listen to what other owners say and respect both of their space. You can never know what is going on inside of your dog or the other dogs head. Because really, I will for sure to the owner if they don't listen if they really want to find out the outcome of this encounter might bring their dog. My dog isn't aggressive, or crazy  but he is strong and doesn't take too much crap, just like me. Just think of a stranger coming right up to your face and just starring at would you respond? 

Even Cesar Millan says "don't let your dogs approach others without asking" and "walk in front of your dog [and] use a short leash." AGREED. Cesar really has some great tips and knows what he's talking about.

"When a dog feels that his or her personal space has been invaded, the natural response is to bark and possibly snap back at the intruder. McClay said dogs get blamed for being aggressive in these situations, but it’s a normal reaction for a dog to “get cranky” about a strange dog rushing up to him or her."

In summation:

Respect the bubble.
Respect that other people may be training their dogs and don't want to be interrupted.
Respect that other dogs may not want the invasion of privacy.
Uninvited approaches are dangerous for your dog anyway.
Both yelling "my dog isn't friendly" and yellow ribbons are stupid and ill-advised for legal reasons.
The other owner may want to avoid exuberance as much as aggression.
Nobody on the Internet says "you should definitely approach other dogs uninvited, it's up to other people to warn you away."

Yes I do live in right inside Calgary, and what made me write this, is I see this happen every single time I go for a walk. So please be respectful and think of safety for both you and your pooch! Want to meet a dog, just ask the owner. It only takes a few seconds and really, it means a lot for us when people just ask. There, rant over!