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New Mobile Version and More

  • Stepan
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    April 9, 2017
    We are excited to introduce mobile version of our website.
    More than half of our visitors come from mobile devices. This was the highest requested feature and we hope it will make it more convenient for you to browse our website.

    Mobile version is designed to be used on cell phones and tablets, automatically adapting to the screen size of your device. Classified’s photos now open in a photo slider that looks similar to your phone’s photo app, you can swipe through photos, pinch to zoom, swipe down to close etc. We hope to implement this new feature in our Albums and other sections soon.

    You can try out our mobile version by just visiting our website from your mobile device or clicking the Mobile link at the bottom of any page. We appreciate any feedback and/or bug reports, you can reach us using our Contact Us page.

    While most of our time was spent working on mobile version, we have also done some small changes and fixes for our main desktop version of website:
    • Fixed and redesigned navigation throughout all the sections of the website.
    • Added navigation to user’s profile page in all tabs.
    • Fixed issue with blog tags taking too much space on blog view page by adding more/less buttons.
    • Redesigned classifieds page along with all related classifieds blocks, making it easier to browse through classifieds.
    • Fixed an issue where recent and popular classifieds blocks were displaying closed classifieds.
    • On the main forum page and topics page, fixed “Last Post By” link.
    • On Events page, fixed an issue where long event titles were causing layout issues.
    • On Event and Group discussion pages, fixed an issue where linking to a specific discussion post just opens the first page of discussion. Correct behaviour is to navigate to the page of the post and automatically scroll to it.
    • Fixed search issue, where performing some search queries returns no results or incomplete results, but information text shows more results were found.
    • On the main page, added video duration for recent and popular videos block.
    • Other small changes and fixes.