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  • Cort
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    January 11, 2018
    Since we are under an extreme cold weather watch, its important to not forget that our animals too feel that extreme cold!! Here are some cold weather safety tips for your furry friend.

    1. Winter Chemicals
    Yes that ice melt that you put on the ground along with antifreeze is hazardous. These products causes burns to your pets feet and if ingested can be lethal. If you need an ice melt, please make sure you get a pet friendly one (yes you can buy and find these). When walking, try to get your pet to avoid walking on areas with any ice melt product. 

    2. Watch your pets outside.
    If its really cold for you to be outside for a few minutes, then for your pet its the same. Watch their paws.. if they are lifted up.. bring them!

    3. Keep Cats indoors!!

    4. Make a path for your pet to to use when they go potty.
    That really does help them out! It minimizes the time they spend outside and makes it a bit more comfortable.

    5. Shorten walks
    When its really cold, shorten the walk that you take them on. It will be more comfortable for the both of you, and try something new inside like some activities with your pets.

    Always provide warm shelter if they are outside for longer bits of time and if needed, invest in some winter warmth for your pets (sweater, boots..) Oh try to remember to bang on the hood of your vehicle. if you leave it outside, because cats like to hide under hoods for warmth.